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E-mail Guide

AgWebSites™ provides different email options which satisfy a wide range of needs.

POP 3 Email account

An email account is the most common email option. Email sent to an address such as yourchoice@yourdomain.com is stored at TierraNet until it is checked using an email program such as Eudora Pro, Netscape Mail, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or any of the hundereds of other POP3-compliant email programs.

Use this option if you are interested in keeping your TierraNet mail account separate from other email addresses you have (i.e. to separate your personal email from your work email), or if you wish to receive email and do not currently have an email account at home or work.

TierraNet provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure your current email software to check email from your TierraNet email accounts.

Many users choose to create more than one email account on an existing domain. For example, you may wish to create email accounts for each of your employees, of the form ann@yourdomain.com, bob@yourdomain.com, etc. Each email account is its own mailbox, with its own username and password, so that Ann (in the above example) can not read Bob's email, and vice versa.

Email alias

An email alias is also known as an email forward. Email which arrives to an alias such as yourchoice@yourdomain.com is instantly forwarded to a destination of your choice. This destination can be any valid email address, whether it be an account at TierraNet, an account at your ISP, etc. The sender will not know that the email is being forwarded. For example:

someone@yourdomain.com -> youremail@yourisp.com
another@yourdomain.com -> youremail@yourdomain.com

This option is often used to create several email address which ultimately forward to the same destination. A company might use email aliases such as sales@yourdomain.com, support@yourdomain.com, and info@yourdomain.com, all of which would forward to the appropriate employee's email account.

Global email alias

A global email alias, or "star" email forward, is the "catch all" of email options. It forwards all email addressed to your domain (i.e. ***@yourdomain.com) to a single email account, whether it be an email account at TierraNet, or your dial-up email account.

Normally, if someone sends email to an email address which doesn't exist (perhaps due to a mis-spelling), the message is returned to the sender with a "User Unknown" error message. A global email alias allows you to receive such email, even if the "to" address does not exist at your domain.

You can use a global email alias in conjunction with other TierraNet email options. In this case, all other email options take precedence, such that the global email alias in used only when necessary.

Advanced users can use a global email alias, in conjunction with 3rd-party software, to collect all mail addressed to a given domain, and then redistribute it to several employees on an intranet.

Multiple email alias

The multiple email alias is an email alias which forwards mail to small groups of up to 15 people, i.e.:
sales@yourname.com -> user@yourname.com,
                   -> user2@yourname.com,
                   -> user@yourisp.com,
                   -> user@anotherisp.com,
                   -> user2@anotherisp.com
All mail sent to the multiple email alias is forwarded to all recipients.

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