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AgWebSite™ Business Site Upgrades

As fellow business people, we respect your need to know expenses upfront. We have developed this cost sheet for some of our more popular upgrades. Each AgWebSite™ Business Site is unique, but here is an idea of average charges for upgrade options.
AgWebSite™ Business Site: $1445
Design Work    
Additional Buttons   $25
    Your AWS Business Site includes three buttons. Additional buttons are available. Per each.    
  Dynamic Rollover Buttons upgrade   $45
    Your AWS Business Site includes three static buttons. Rollover buttons are great way to add interest and professionalism to your site.    
  Additional Rollover Buttons   $30
    Available if you've upgraded your AWS Business Site to include rollover buttons. Per each.    
  Existing Artwork Manipulation   $55
    Your AWS Business Site includes basic importing, scanning, and retouching of existing artwork. Occasionally, existing artwork requires extra manipulation to render it web-ready. Per hour.    
  Original Artwork   $75
    You may need a logo or special artwork for your site. Per artist hour.    
  Photo/Image - Basic   $22
    Scanning, cropping, resizing. Per each.    
  Photo/Image - Deluxe   $62
    Retouching, color correction, effects (fading, shaping, embossing, shadows, etc.). Per each.    
  Random Images   $90
    Keep your site fresh by displaying a different image each time a page loads. (See an example - hit the Refresh button on your browser to view the random images). Up to 3 images included. Per each    
    Image preparation for additional random images. Per each.   $25
  Image Rotator  
    Add interest and distinction to your site with rotating images. (See an example). Up to 3 images included. Per each.   $125
    Image preparation for additional rotator images. Per each.   $25
Development Work    
  Content Editing   $85
    Our combination of journalism, agriculture, and web experience makes us uniquely qualified. Per hour.    
  Online Forms   $62
    Online forms allow your web visitors to give you information, ask you questions, request information, register for events. Per each (20 fields or less).    
  Shopping Cart   $155
    Set-up for basic shopping cart - linking with software and including three items.    
    Additional Items, depends on graphics. Approx. per each.   $44
  JavaScript, Perl, PHP, ASP, or Flash Programming   $90
    We can provide you with the additional functionality you need. Per hour.    
Search Engine Submission, Promotion, Positioning    
  Search Engine Promotion   $235
    Optimizes up to 5 pages for search engines, including search words, titles, descriptions, optimized META tags. Submits to top 10 engines, resubmits monthly, quarterly reports to clients.    
  Directory Submission   $90
    Submits to top 3 directories. Applicable directory fees are additional.    
  Competitive Positioning (requires Search Engine Promotion and Directory Submission)   $575
    Legitimate doorway and hallway pages improve search engine rankings. Targeted keyword phrase optimized for 10 search engines. Quarterly report.    
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