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Here are some interesting links to the Fiber Industry
University of Idaho Dept. of Forest Products -  
Society of Wood Science and Technology - technological and professional organization for scientists and engineers working in academia, government, consulting, and the forest products industries, dedicated too providing education and expertise in finding better ways to use and produce wood products.
Fiber Source - Wealth of Information on the Fiber Industry
Fuel & Fiber Company - Fuel and Fiber Company was formed to promote and develop a Plant/Crop-Based Renewable Resource System using fibrous plants such as Hemp and Kenaf.
American Kenaf Society - Organization dedicated to help promote the growth and use of kenaf
Association for Advancement of Industrial Crops - The AAIC is an international, nonprofit educational and scientific organization established to encourage and promote the activities of those involved in the production, processing, development, and commercialization of industrial crops and products derived from industrial crops
Underexploited Temperate and Industrial Fiber Crops - Paper by Richard Roseberg
Plant Fibers - definitions and uses